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Muslim/Islamic Takeover in Canada

To PM Stephen Harper July 11,2015

Dear Prime Minister Harper;

I hope that you get to view this letter and that it is not culled by your staff before it reaches your desk.

This is going Canada-wide by Internet, which means that perhaps 80 percent of Canadians who are using the Internet will receive it over the next few days.

Ah, the power and reach of the Internet.

The Canadian Parliament is supposed to be the ultimate law-maker but your government has given up their authority to the Supreme. Court.

The result has been disastrous, as you will have noticed.

The citizens of Canada no longer have a voice through their Elected representatives but are subject to the whims of a small group of judges who enforce their own interpretations.

This begs the question: Why should Canadians waste time and their tax money voting to elect people to be their voices in the national government?

Does the Supreme Court look after the needs of the people of Canada?
It too often seems to put up road blocks.

Does Parliament have authority over the appointed Supreme Court?
It would appear that it does not.
The S-C feels it does not.
The Government gave up that authority a few years ago when it asked the S-C to settle a simple matter.

That opened the tent to the camels and it will be pretty difficult for our elected representatives to re-establish authority.

The Supreme Court judges have ruled against the long-standing practice of having prayers in schools and formal government gatherings at all levels.

That’s not quite true. Toronto, for instance, has a public school that has been taken over by Muslims.
The S-C seems to have looked away on that situation.

I, and millions of Canadians, suggest that Religion and prayers should not be a matter on which the S-C can decide pro or con.

A very bad decision by Parliament to allow the make a ruling..

But then, the Supreme Court decided on its own to take authority, assuming correctly, that there would be no challenge from Parliament
And not a whimper from our elected Representatives.

The decision by government leaders to not delineate Parliamentary authority for the S-C to acknowledge and act accordingly was a very bad decision.

Referring back to the opening topic:
A situation that most Canadians find to be very troubling is that Immigration gates continue to be wide open to the entry of Muslims, a foreign religion/ government whose absolute dedication is the elimination of all non-Muslim peoples and the establishment of Muslim government.

Canada’s pre-Islamic birth rate is only 1.8%

There are now approximately 2.5 million Muslims living in Canada and that number is increasing daily through immigration and birth rates.

That represents 7.14 percent of our total population of 35 million.

That percentage can double in twenty years. to 14.28 percent
In forty years the Muslim that figure will be 28.56.% .
In sixty years the Muslim population in Canada will comprise
57.12 percent of the total population.

Canada will be a Muslim/Islamic country and Sharia Law will rule.

Your government will be responsible for the religious genocide of our Canada, as we currently know it.

How do you feel about that?

How about shutting Canada’s Immigration gates to all Muslims, right now !.
It’s almost too late. Maybe it is.

I agree fully with the above letter and hope that you may be able to stop this from happening to our Children & future generations!! !


        Bobby Robinson